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Cysts of the Jaw

  • Cyst: it's a pathological cavity lined by epithelium & filled with fluid or semi fluid material.
  • In the jaw bones & oral tissue there are remnant of epith. come mostly from odontogenic apparatus & most of these remnants are embryonic in origin for this reason the jaw bone are affected by a large numbers of cysts in comparism to other bones in the body.
  • The epith. remnants that give rise to these cysts are:
  • 1- Reduced enamel epithelium.
  • 2- remnants of dental lamina
  • 3- epithelial rests of Malassez.

A 3 years male patient came with a large swelling on his face ,he diagnosed of a cystic lesion with the help of an OPG X-ray .Surgery was planned and executed with enucleation of the cystic lesion under GA.

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